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#We're an independent WholeSale Vegiable Supplier (Vegetarian) & Super Stockist located very close from Sukhdev Vihar metro station, and are proud to be the favourite for locals.

Why wait for the season to enjoy your favourite vegetables?

"WholeSale Vegiable" brings you Fresh Green Peas, Juicy Sweet Corn and Mix Veg. readily available at any time of the year.

Each cob of our Vegetables is handpicked at the peak of its perfection, when the kernels are soft and juicy. At this very stage, each kernel is individually frozen to quickly seal in the vitamin and nutrients, using advanced IQF technology.

For you and your family, we go that extra mile to source the best quality Garden Green Peas, Sweet Corn & Mix Veg. from the finest farms ensuring that its goodness is kept intact when it reaches you.

Our Green Peas, Sweet Corn & Mix Vegetables can be used for preparing your signature dishes like: Yummy Peas Paratha, Vegetable Pulao, Veg.-Corn Soup, Steamed Corn, Mix Veg. Samosa, Patties, Cheese Corn Balls or enhancing multiple dishes/recipes you make in your kitchen.

Celebrate your love for Vegetarian Food throughout the year with "WholeSale Vegiable"